Cyberpump! Reviewed by Living Digital

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The Body Fantastic
by Cara Haycak

And you thought body-building was passť. Well it is, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider bulking up as a means of self-expression. Or even as a way to stay fit. There are a number of body-building sites, but only a handful take you all the way via the Web. Cyberpump is one of them. If you're hoping to find a site with bevies of scantily-clad babes flashing their muscle-bound abs, you'll be disappointed. There are some girls here but not a lot. Instead, Cyberpump is a text-oriented intensive pep talk/exercise plan which gives you the full workout. Home of the HIT squad (high-intensity training), the idea is to go to your limits, but to prepare your body for all the rigors. Not for sissies.