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i just want to say thanks on opening my eyes to all of my mistakes i have made in my training. i have learned there are more important things in life such as education,family, career etc... i was a bit obsessed with training. this led to injuries but once i found your site i started using the hit knowledge and im progressing. i wish you guys were around when i was a teen. thank you and god bless.

Hi there,

Just writting to say that I love your site and I am a big fan. Wondering if there is anywhere on your site that has a list of trainers in HIT for Sydney Australia, or a forum as to where I can find a fitness trainer in Sydney.

Just a beginner and would like someone physically there for the first few weeks to ensure my technique is good.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


[editor's note: I would ask at the Garage Gym Forums that are hosted here on Cyberpump!]

Yep this works! It's been slightly over a month, six training sessions, for a total of one hour and fortyfive minutes of weight room time and my numbers are going up every single visit! Intensity?..... Like you wouldn't believe. I tried the one minute chin up immediately went to one set of curls, no rest move to one minute dip followed by one set of cable press downs. In between the dip(singular)and the cable press downs I passed out! I don't meen I felt exhausted and layed down, this man went unconscience next to the dip bars. I actually had a little dream while I was out which I believe indicates R.E.M. sleep. Feeling strangely refreshed(I was only out for about three minutes acording to my training log)I continued with the cables. No one in the gym even noticed me laying on the deck! I guess they were too busy looking at themselves in one of the plethra of mirrors which adorn the walls. I'll use this exercise sparingly but good heavens my arms took a quantum leap in size. Thank you CYBERPUMP and fellow HIT enthusiasts.

Ryan K Sergent

Hi there Editors,

My name is Lohan Johnson, a 24-year old South African of average build (1.8m, 72kg). I decided to apply the HIT philosophy to my workouts a month ago by dropping to a single set of 8-12 reps, with at least 2 or 3 days in between workouts.

Well, the numbers speak for themselves! In one month I had a 189% increase in total weights lifted! And I gained 2kg which is amazing given that my 1.8m, 72kg frame doesn't pick weight up easily, let alone keep it. Bear in mind, however, that this 189% figure may be skewed by the fact that I hit the 12-rep ceiling way too often initially while I was finding my limits with certain exercises. My guesstimate is that its probably closer to 120%.

A couple of points before I send this off to you cool people:

The biggest gap between workouts was 10 days, when I went to the States on business. I was amazed at how much my strength has increased during this time - I thought I won't be able to lift as much as I did on the 14th, yet I managed to lift 27% more.

I keep track of my exercises using a PalmPilot and the Handbase database software. I record the date, exercise, reps and weight, and back at the office I have an automated process that gets this data and puts it into a Excel file for me -- hence the accuracy of the numbers. I found it to be a huge psycho-benefit if I know how much I'm improving, and the charts coming from them are too cool (if not vain *grin*). On that note, I guess the numbers are vanity in any case, but they do serve a greater purpose of showing progress and letting you know if you're hitting plateaus in your progress, for example.

That's my song for now, again, thanks for this great resource and feel free to share this on the feedback pages. I wanted to send you the XLS file too, but its not only rude to send binaries to strangers, but its also big (1.3mb I think). But shout if you want to have a look at it and I'll share it with pleasure.

God bless and keep up the good work!

Lohan Johnson
Johannesburg, South Africa


Another great idea. Keep up the good work. Cheers, to the best lifting site on the net!




Iron History rocks so keep it up. So does Arthur Jones. Baye, Leistner, Brzycki, Rob Spector the list goes on Great site, still....

Before I even read anything the first thing I did was look at the site. It is the sweetest looking website I have seen.

I would just like to say thank you for the wealth of information and commonsense on this site. I am 44 and got back in to the gym and weights back in February and just signed up for another 3 years .... I love it. I have tried all sorts of routines and splits and isolation and compound exercises and NOW have settled on HIT routine I found here and just know in my heart it is right.

Stopped buying the mags that propound volume after volume of sets and spending my time reading all the info here, mush of which I have downloaded to read off line at home and in airports and flights and anywhere else I need a does of sanity.

So thanks again !!!


I have been using weights as a major aspect of my fitness programme for years. In all that time I have never come across a resource of material which is so useful, honest, and informative as that which you have produced through Cyberpump. I just felt I had to email my appreciation of the efforts of the Cyberpump team and all the contributors. If only I had access to this kind of quality advice and instruction when I started training!

Please keep up the good work, there must be many people out there who benefit greatly from this website.

Regards, Steve Phillips, United Kingdom.

Hi, I am writing to express my gratitude for being able to read the Arthur Jones Classic Collection on your website. I had read most of these articles when I was in my mid 20's, and now that I am in my mid 30's, the opportunity to read them again has provided me the chance to see these ideas with much more experience. I have always enjoyed experiencing the same things with years in between, such as seeing the same movie, or reading the same book. It is like seeing the same thing, but with a new set of eyes. I have found that if something stands the test of time, there is more to be learned upon each successive experience of the same thing. As Mike Mentzer pointed out regarding his reading of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, each time he read it he learned more. I have found that to be the case with the writings of Arthur Jones as well. I have always found Arthurs writing to be very informative, straight forward, and entertaining as well. My age precluded me reading any of his articles when they were first published, with the exception of the series My First Half Century in the Iron Game. To be able to access this information all in one place, and at no cost, is excellent. It is great that you are giving successive generations of weight trainees the opportunity to learn from, and enjoy this information. Congratulations on a great website, and continued success in the future. Sincerely, Jeff Wall

What a great page. I've been inactive for years and I'm just getting back into working out. I was very active until age 20, and then everything went to hell for about 10 years. The guides on this page were exactly what I was looking for. I could not remember how I used to workout, and what I used to do there's no way I could do now anyway. Thanks for making this information accessible.

Dear people at Cyberpump,

I do not have time to spare for the internet. However, Cyberpump is my MS Explorer "Homepage", i.e. it is always up on screen when I connect. Cyberpump, Matt Brzyscki's book, and Patrick Lavalier's guide to excercises have profoundly changed the way I look and feel over the past year.

Thank you,

D. Paré
Hull, Québec

this is riyaz.i am a personal trainer from bombay [india].
you guys have done a brilliant job and have not left any stone unturned in logical weight is good to know people with similar training philosophy.i am big advocate of whole body balls to the walls training.people in my gym laugh and also make fun of this routine.

but in the end what matters is result.i am happy that all my clients are getting stronger and bigger than the average gym rat on whole body workouts.

your site is one of the most indepth site i ever came across.i also like your tell it is like it is attitude.the best part is that your concern towards beginners.often they are neglected or misguided.

once again thanks a million,
keep up the good job.

riyaz khan.

Dear Editor,

I'm a 23 year old medical student from Malaysia and where I come from, and as far as I know so far, not a person have I encountered has ever practised HIT. Having been training HVT (High Volume Training) style for a significant period, I first got to know about HIT a few years ago from an Internet friend residing in the States. The first article I read was the HIT FAQ by Robert E. Spector and believe me, it shocked me to the core. It provided me with many new insights on the weight game from a very, very different perspective. I didn't dimiss it as a whole load of utter nonsense but I was skeptical at first.

Most of my training info have been obtained from Muscle & Fitness magazines and "self professed experts" in the gym. I asked myself, was I willing to give up everything which I ever believed in weight training to try something which totally went against all that information out there. I mean, from 6 lifting days a week and a day of recovery to around twice a week with 5 days of recovery seems a very radical change. Since I was stagnating with no progress for almost a year, I gave it a try. I literally exploded in growth of muscle mass after just a few weeks. But my first workout was extremely painful, it was hard, the weights seemed so much heavier even though I reduced them and a set seemed like an eternity even though it was much shorter than that! I guess it was due to the accentuation of the negative phase and not letting gravity do the work. I know that's not all, HIT is more than that, but it was the one of the many changes I applied in my workouts.

Started at a bodyweight of 60 kgs, I'm now 80kgs and still gaining. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true hardgainer ectomorph. Building mass is hard for me. And this style of training has done wonders for me. Now I just train once a week, one set per exercise and 15-20 mins per session with almost no rest in between exercises and I find that I still can add weight or at least increase reps every workout. The best part, no direct arm work, just compound stuff.

People are surprised at the growth I'm experiencing but sadly, none of them believe me when I say reduce the frequency and allow more time to recover. When you grow, they equate you going to the gym more and when you don't, they say you're not going everyday. It's just difficult to convince them otherwise because of all the hype out there and the muscle mags which prey upon your insecurities by diplaying huge, genetically gifted specimens with a gorgeous chick in front with the "champs" touting 20 sets per bodypart programmes. I look at the people flicking through the mags I used to pore over so much and I just shake my head in resignation.

Something needs to be done to make them more aware of safer, steroid-free training for normal people with average genetics. Something which can actually counter the crap which is all out there. Until then, a lot are going to remain in ignorance and just burn out.
You don't need to print this, I just want to let you all know how it's like here, and most of all thank you, if not for your site, I would still be buried under tons of false info. In a way, you'v made a big change in my life.

Christopher Wu

That's all that can be said about your fantastic web site!!!!!!!
Who do I send my check to? A web site this good can't be free can it?
Keep up the good work and thanks.