Happy 60th Birthday

Jim Bryan


By Fred Fornicola


January 24th, 2006 is my good friend Jim Bryan’s 60th birthday.  For those of you unfamiliar with Jim, let me give you a little background on who he is.  First off, Jim is a simple, easy going guy.  He doesn’t get caught up in research or studies or dogmatic thinking and doesn’t profess anything that he hasn’t tried himself.  He uses his experience, intellect and solid judgment to determine his training ideas for himself and those he trains. Jim is also a Muay Thai instructor, ex-bodybuilder, ex-Olympic lifter, strongman judge, pupil of Arthur Jones, surfer, grappler, boxer, writer, strength and conditioning coach - ah hell, I can’t keep track of all the rest of the stuff he’s done or still does, but what I do know is Jim is one helluva nice guy.  He’s open minded about all types of training, willing to share any and all information with anyone who politely asks him and is not too old to learn. He has little tolerance for obnoxious people, know-it-alls and marketing whores who prey on the unknowing.  He supports those in the right, tells it like it is, holds no punches.  He has a deep passion for the field of strength and conditioning and genuinely is concerned for those who miss the true meaning of what exercise and fitness is all about. 


Over the last few years Jim Bryan has had a tremendous influence on my training philosophy as well as me personally.  He has taught me to think about things more openly, to be less formal in my ways and that it is okay to give myself “permission” to enjoy the process.   Jim has been a great inspiration over the last couple of years in many ways but most importantly, Jim has been an amazing friend.  Happy Birthday Jim. – Fred Fornicola



Jim has certainly had a positive impact on many people throughout the years and here are few of his friends and peers to share their thoughts on Jim’s 60th birthday.



Jim and I have met for lunch a couple of times here in Florida. We have spoken many times on the phone. Once when I was particularly depressed about the state of affairs with my teams strength program. I called Jim and he basically gave me a great pep talk for about 30 minutes on the phone. I will always be grateful to him for that. Jim is tremendously knowledgeable in the arena of strength training. I have enjoyed his company and consider him a close friend. I have had the great fortune to spend time with Arthur Jones on 3-4 occasions. I know Jim has spent a ton of time with AJ and I never get tired of hearing stories about his training when Nautilus was just getting off the ground. May God Bless Jim Bryan always and may he and I have many more lunches together. (Do you think he will pick up the tab when he reads this?) Just Kidding.  Thanks for the opportunity - Joe Ross


Jim and I met over long distance about 6 years ago. We became good friends through emails and phone calls until I finally got the privilege to meet him in person down in Texas in December of 2004.  Over the years we have communicated on a regular basis, and he has been tremendously supportive, encouraging, and helpful in both my personal and professional endeavors. He's a true “been there - done it” kind of guy with a good story to be told for his 60 years of life.  Many more Jim - Randy Roach


Jim Bryan is an "old dinosaur" in the strength field.  He has a wealth of knowledge and is great storyteller from the days of old. He's no-nonsense and straight to the point.  Jim believes in hard work and that everything works - if you work hard.  Happy Birthday Jim - I hope I look that good at 60 – Sunir Jossan


I've appreciated Jim Bryan's words of wisdom relative to the weird, wacky, and wonderful world of strength and conditioning.  Always straight-forward and no-nonsense, his input is valuable because he was "there" when it was all going down in the early days of adding formal structure to intensity-based training.  And he's been an on-going experiment in the pursuit of what works and what does not.  If anyone has a right to voice a rational opinion about matters today, it's Jim Bryan, and I'm listening. – Tom Kelso


Although I have never spoken directly to Jim his writings in the HPT Newsletter as well as on Cyberpump have had a profound impact on the way I view exercise.  Jim’s ability to combine this knowledge of health and fitness with his years of experience while still keeping in perspective what is really important, enjoying life and having fun is remarkable.  Kudos to Jim and all he has done for the health and fitness industry, at least this small section of it.  – Doug Scott


Jim, welcome to the 60th birthday club.  You don't even have to apply; actually, you are pulled in kicking and screaming.  Of course there are benefits, one of which you don't have to check the obits while having your morning coffee to see if you are going to make it.  Keep up the great articles.  They are informing, entertaining, educating, and (at times) vindicating.  Happy Birthday and God bless. - Mike Buckley


Jim, thanks for all the contributions to Cyberpump readers over the years.
Your wisdom and experience are greatly appreciated by all of us. – Bill Piche


I think I first learned of Jim through his website.  Can't remember how I came across it, but I do remember spending much time there reading information and investigating the internet links.  This was a great resource for me and I learned a lot about HIT.  I believe Jim was also responsible for getting me hooked up with the HPT, which has also been a valuable experience.  Jim has a wealth of information and he readily shares his "iron" experience with others.  Over the past few years he has become a good friend.  Thanks, Pappy. – John Mikula


Unfortunately, I haven't really had much contact with Jim other than over the net, which is unfortunate because from what contact I have had with him he seems like a hell of a guy. He also studies the martial arts, Muay Thai in particular, so one of these days I'd love to swing by Clearwater and train with him. Happy Birthday Jim - Drew Baye


I've known Jim Bryan through the Internet for several years.  Jim has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he generously shares on the various strength training discussion boards.  Jim's advice is always interesting and informative.  His experiences during the early days of Nautilus could be the basis for a great book.  I am most impressed with the patience and restraint that Jim has shown in dealing with some of the overly opinionated "experts" who frequent some discussion boards. Thanks for all of your contributions Jim.  You are a great guy and I hope that you have a Happy 60th Birthday!  - Steve Baldwin

Jim, Congratulations on your 60th Birthday.  Best wishes for another 60! - Matt Brzycki

It is truly amazing to consider the evolution and changes the strength training industry has experienced over the last 60 years.  From Muscle Beach, Steve Reeves’ Hercules to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian, the industry has seen growth in pop culture. From cast iron kettle bells to the line of MedX selectorized pieces, there have been unique gains in equipment. From dark twenty member basements at the YMCA, to Mega Gyms that boast 2,000 plus members “daily” the strength training industry has no longer become a small fad but now a staple in many peoples’ lives.  

As one of the true pioneers in our industry, Jim Bryan has helped to influence strength training as we know it today.  With passion, knowledge, and insight he has acted as our ambassador to bring clarity and understanding to an industry that is known for its snake oil and mystics with the next ten second workout.

It has been an honor for me and my family to not only know Jim but to call him my friend.  I can still remember eagerly driving to Florida to let Jim test drive my first designs.  To get the nod of approval from a man that even Arthur Jones has enough respect to offer a job, was something that I will always treasure.

The warmest birthday wishes to a dear friend and great man. - Tyler, Traci & the Pendulum family


Jim, I beat you out by 4 months. This is one of those times when I can say I've been there - done that. When Bonnie and I come down to Florida we'll all go out and celebrate the beginning of our 7th decades (mine and yours that is).  Have a great 60th. – Mauro DiPasquale