The KTA Program Feedback

With the utmost humility , I have doubled my strength in my right hand. BIG DEAL! one might say. Well it has been a big deal for me.

Several years ago I was in a horrific accident. Among my myriad of injuries, my right hand and wrist were devastated. The surgeons recommended amputation to my wife. I was unconscious for 4 days and did not know this. My wife said no! try to fix it first, and if it does not heal, then take it off.

Well, with titanium plates, collars and screws and neuro-surgery to repair my severed carpal tunnel nerve and carpal wrist tendon, I was lucky and it healed. To the amazement of the surgeons.

It took 2 yrs. before I could pull 60lbs. on a dynamometer. Fast forwarding to this year, ( I joined the Gripboard last Dec). I wanted to get this hand stronger. I was able to close the IronMind Trainer by April 2002.

Bill at this time was posting about his experimental KTA Program and asked for guinea pigs to participate. I emailed Bill and was put on the program.

The KTA Program is a Butt kicker . It took my "Monkey Paw" and doubled it's strength. I can now close my #2, BBM and cheat close a PDA 502ip for a 15 sec. negative crush. I can negative crush 115lbs. on my Gripanator for 15 sec. I can not close the #3 but can get it down to 3/4 inch.

I only have 80% neural pathway to this hand but I am satisfied with how much I have improved it's strength.

Thanks Bill for you tutelage and patience. KTA kicks ass! A special thanks to the other fellow KTAers, reading ya`lls posts in the KTA Discussion Forum was a kick-in-the-head!!

Rick Browne

By the way, Rick is 50 years old!


Alright, I just finished reading KTA and it was fantastic. It is what I have been looking for since I got my first gripper. As something of a newbie to grip it was easy for me to understand. Plus it is nice to have the philosophy explained rather than just sticking up a few workout and saying "do this"

Terry Amos


Got the KTA this morning, it is excellent. Just the part about setting the grippers is reason enough to buy. It is very well written & everything is explained in detail. Thanks.



I just read the Ebook and I have one thing to say: AMAZING!

I will look at it before each of my workouts for extra motivation.

I now know what's a dogleg on a gripper and I found it on my #3. The stamped handle has the dogleg and it's a good thing because I now place it near my thumb for closes.

Thanks for such a nice work. It's a Captains of Crush (COC) factory.

It's a masterpiece of gripper training. I think anyone who trains with grippers should read it. The section on gripper technique is very well made with pics and videos. Very informative too. Many trainees don't know how to position the gripper in their hands. They'll find answers in your book.

It should be a required reading, as valuable as Mastery of Hand Strength.

Pascal Toussaint
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


Without your ebook I really believe I'd still be frustrated at the 1/8 point. Thanks for all of the obvious hard work you put into producing the program.

Eric Milfield
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


I just want to tell you that your KTA Program is great. I haven't started yet but only the information about how to set the grippers helped me yesterday to close my #3 the first time. Today I tried it again and closed it two times.

Thanks for this great E-Book

Martin Kotte


The book and the material are well written and EXTREMELY informative. I had no idea I was holding the gripper wrong this whole time.

Tom Page


The program looks good and the video clips are really useful.

Just learning how to hold the gripper has improved my crushing. And I now know how to go about my training for maximum efficiency.

Thanks again.

Andy Batchelor


KTA is the premier program for crushing strength-hands down! A comprehensive, step-by-step way of building the type of strength it takes to close big grippers-#3 and beyond!

4 weeks ago I was closing the #3 on occasion. After merely 3 weeks of KTA I was able to crush an Ironmind #3 consistently enough to get certified, without warm-up and on the spot, by Wade Gillingham.

Bottom line: if you want to close grippers that get you on the LIST-KTA is for you.

Rick Walker
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


When I started KTA, I had been training to close the #3 for roughly 10 months. I could consistently close it to within 1/4 and 1/8 of an inch. I had been at this mark for awhile. I felt that my gains had dried up or dwindled enough to not be overly meaningful. I had heard of daily training and had even experimented with it for awhile. But the manner in which I implemented it did not yield results. So I decided to try KTA. After the first week of using KTA, I felt stronger. I was hitting the 1/8th mark more frequently than the 1/4. I knew I had found a system that would carry me over the edge and beyond. By the time I finished Phase 1, I was closing the #3. The volume of KTA was never an issue for me. I adapted quickly to the huge increase in volume and consistently targeted the upper rep range that the program recommended. Pain was never an issue. I recommend KTA to anybody who is seriously training to mash the next gripper. The program takes determination, but if the mind is strong, KTA is an invaluable tool to get you where you want to be.

Adam Black
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


The #3 is very close to becoming history for me thanks to the KTA program. Before starting the program I could close my #2 for ten reps on a good day but was nowhere near closing the #3. The program is hard I lost a lot of skin off my right palm but just taped it and kept going. The volume is huge but so are the gains! This program is a steal for twenty dollars!

Willard Sloan


If you want to get a grip this is probably the best investment you could make. Instead of buying a bunch of grippers, buy one gripper and the KTA e-book. This way you'll learn (by seeing actual video clips which put the written instructions into action) the correct technique right from the start. Not to mention it will really motivate you to get into it! After a long struggle with the CoC Trainer the KTA Program showed me I was merely holding it incorrectly. I followed the instructions and immediately closed it for multiple reps. It turns out I didn't have a pitifully-weak grip after all; I simply had improper technique.

Greg Hanson


I started KTA in the middle of January and I found that the KTA Program was very effective in developing my crushing strength.  I found that my principal difficulties in closing #3, after having achieved the minimum amount of strength, were related to incorrect positioning of the gripper. After re-reading KTA, I began to put a lot of importance in finding the sweet spot in my hand. While I was waiting to be certified, I continued the KTA peak phase until today. This phase helped me in be ready for the certification. KTA has been an outstanding grip tool.

Thanks again Bill!

Simone Vincenzi
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)
The First Captain of Crush from Italy


I had been stuck on the last few centimeters of the COC # 2 gripper for at least two months. I tried just about everything I could think of to get past those last centimeters, but nothing seemed to help. I tried strapholds with the # 1, negatives with the # 3 and # 4, repping the # 1 like crazy and I even bought another # 1 and filed 1.5 cm from the handle. None of these helped me with the last centimeters. After all this I bought the KTA Program. The result? Basically after two weeks I can now close the COC # 2 like how I was closing the COC # 1 before I started the KTA Program.

Mikko Mantere 


Well, I've mashed my #3 8 times so far this morning and have emailed Ironmind about getting a witness lined up. I'm ready.  Thanks to KTA, my hand strength has increased much faster than anything else I've been trying. Now I can close the #2 with my left hand and the #3 with my right at the same time. I can get the handles to parallel on the #3 in my left as well, so it will only be a matter of time before I slam it shut with that hand.

Clay Edgin
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


I decided to buy the Trainer gripper as a starting point. Closed and mashed it on the day it arrived, so I bought a number one and same thing happened! By this time I was hooked, my wife insisted I buy a 2 & 3 together as she was a bit fed up with them only lasting five minutes!! When the two arrived, at last a major challenge! I could only close the #2 to about 3/4inch gap. I went to the web and used a search engine for "grip", found your site, and read about KTA. I ordered it that night as I realized it was the key to closing the 2 & 3 in the quickest possible time. In just 3 and a half weeks of following the KTA Program religiously, and this is the key to success, I mashed the 2, grinding the handles together! If it wasn't for the KTA Program, particularly the advice on technique, I'd still be trying to close the 2. With KTA, I know I'm on my way to becoming a Captain of Crush in the fastest time possible!

Dave Wallwork


The KTA Program is very powerful from the mental standpoint.   Plus, who had demonstrated so well things like proper sets and doglegs before KTA? No one. All of those seemingly little things add up to a big crushing grip! Kudos Bill! I found the program to be most helpful. Of course, the proof is in the proverbial pudding... I'm now a Certified COC!

Brian Carlton
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


When I first tried my friends girppers I couldn't close the Trainer. Now it's 8 months later and I'm inconsistently closing the #2. I'm just one of those guys who doesn't have natural hand strength (as well as being a Hardgainer). I must say that the last 1/8 - 1/4" on the #2 have fallen in the last 2 weeks, thanks to KTA!

Jeff Ford


The KTA Program is amazing. When I received the number 1 I was able to close it with my right hand. So I was optimistic and ordered the number 2 . When I received and tried the number 2, I never believed I could close it because it felt like a monster when I compared it to the number 1.  I had the feeling that I was squeezing a rock when I tried the number 2. After this frustrating experience, I read about KTA and ordered it. I follow the KTA Program word for word and after 2 months training with KTA I was able to close the number 2 with my right hand. Unbelievable!  At the moment, I can do 3 reps with the number 2 with my right hand and will start another cycle of KTA training to come closer to the ultimate goal to close the number 3. I only can say thank you Bill Piche for the amazing KTA Program

Volker Metzger, 


The KTA Program is an excellent guide to mastering grippers and more. It shows you everything, from just what the heck a dogleg is, to the all-important set. It's tough, but the results speak for themselves.

KTA took me from being unable to close the #2 to being certified on the #3 in 9 months time. I met my goal of certifying within a year, and I truly believe that I'd still be working towards that goal if it wasn't for KTA and the information it provides.  

Thanks, Bill! KTA has taught me a lot, and I'm sure I will be applying its principles for years to come.  I came out knowing a lot more about hand strength and grippers after KTA. I definitely recommend it.

Michael Wayne
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


Before starting the KTA I wasn't doing any specific grip training so I was pretty much starting from scratch. My grip was weak, I couldn't even close the pony clamps that you get from the hardware store. However after only four weeks on the KTA I was able to close Ironminds #2 gripper! I felt a dramatic increase in hand strength and I haven't even finished the program. I can't wait to see what the future holds for my grip strength.

Brian Port


After several months of being "oooh so close" with the #2, I decided to give KTA a go (as nothing else was working). On week 3, the #2 was shut. Not just shut once, but 5 singles including a 5 second hold. I'm still smiling!!

Alex Britton


Bill just wanted to say that the KTA Program is great. I'm into the 8th week now. And haven't missed a workout or one rep. And my strength is going up. I took the advice in KTA  and took this cycle to dominate the #2. Which is already happening. Next cycle will be to get that #3. My son last weekend shut the #2 right handed and tonight he got it left handed. Just wanted to say thanks for a great program and I'd recommend KTA to anyone. Thanks again Bill!!

Mark & Tyler Dixon

And then a couple weeks later....

Just wanted to say thanks again! Tonight I closed PDA .280 on 4 separate occasions. My 2nd workout in the KTA peaking phase. Looks like you guys were right on building that strength base at the start of the KTA and your strength kicking in when the rest days increase. Thanks for all your help. Oh and Tyler is still in Phase 1 and almost had the bb GrandMaster both hands tonight. 1/16 from closure. Just an awesome program. Please hurry with the KTA for the blob. You da man!!


The extreme focus and dedication required in KTA have redefined my ideas of proper training. Not only did my 10 week cycle of KTA immensely improve my gripper strength ( I went from bringing my black spring Beef Builder Elite to 3/8" to closing it for multiple singles in a workout, as well as gaining the ability to set and perform proper negatives on my #4), but it also greatly improved my wide hand pinching ability. I received my Blob from Brian Carlton as I was finishing up the program and the base of strength I got from performing many heavy negatives and dynamic thumb exercises brought me very close to being able to lift the Blob with no previous training on a wide pinch.  Happy gripping!

Jesse Murray
Certified Captain of Crush (2002)


KTA is the best thing to happen to my grip. It took me 6 months to close the #2 training on my own, with KTA I closed the #3 in less than 4 months. As a bonus my overall hand strength went up without doing anything other than KTA. I would tell anyone who wants to become a COC fast to start with KTA

Terry Amos
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


I can't say enough about KTA. Since I have worked out for years I thought that my grip had probably come close to reaching its potential. Fortunately, I was wrong. Thanks to KTA principals my grip strength has increased from good to great in a few short months. The program is easy to understand, fun to do and the results are phenomenal. I firmly believe this program is the best way to increase your grip strength irrespective of your current abilities. 

Ryan Brown
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


Bill, I just wanted to say thanks for KTA! In 2 wks I went from over an 1/8" away on the 3 to grinding the handles during my certification! Some of the principles in KTA totally changed my preconceived notions on how the hands should be trained for maximum results. A well spent 20 bucks that will totally change the way you train forever! 

Austin Slater
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


I don't think I would have ever closed the #3 without the KTA Program. I had been stuck for nearly a year at the 1/16"-1/8" point. I was training 2-3 days a week with maybe 8-10 singles and no negatives. I don't think I ever would have gotten where I am now without the principles outlined in KTA. I certainly wouldn't have gotten there as fast!

I would highly recommend KTA to anyone serious about closing a tough gripper. It's a rigorous program, but necessary for those not blessed with superior genetics.

I'm going to take a break from KTA for a while so I can improve on the Rolling Thunder and my pinch grip. Then it is back to KTA for me on my quest to conquer the Elite!

Thanks, Bill. Your program increased my self esteem and my personal satisfaction.

Tom Martin
Certified Captain of Crush (2003)


I believe the KTA Program really opens up ideas and ways of training that would normally go overlooked.  Follow it by the numbers, get results, modify it later to suit your specific needs, get results.   My current program uses the basic principles and techniques of KTA and I have seen major increases in strength on my way to the #4.

Dave Morton
Certified Captain of Crush
The Third Man to Close IronMind's #4 Gripper - 2003


When I first started training to close the number 3 gripper about a month ago I could barely close the number 2. I purchased KTA and after only one week and two days of using the program I closed my number 3 gripper for the first time. Within the next three weeks I was able to close my number 3 gripper every time I picked it up and I was even able to grind the handles the majority of the times I closed it. When it came time for me to certify, I mashed my number three gripper several times with ease. Without KTA it would have taken me much longer to close the number three gripper. If you want to close the Ironmind grippers that will get your name on the Captains of Crush list YOU NEED KTA, IT RULES!!!!

James Smith
Certified Captain of Crush - 2003


When it comes to closing heavy grippers there isn't a better tool than KTA. KTA is better than the best grip machine you could buy and it's a hell of a lot cheaper. I don't care how long you've been training, you will learn from this program, and for the price of a gripper KTA can't be beat. You can follow the program exactly, or apply the principles; either way, you'll get stronger. Thanks Bill for all your hard work!

Erik Vining
Certified Captain of Crush - 2003

Thanks to KTA it only took me one month of training to close that last 1" on the #3! The KTA Program has been an invaluable tool for me, before reading it I didn't even know how to set the gripper properly, not to mention how to train!

Jorgen Norlund
Certified Captain of Crush - 2003


I am 16 years old and new to the grip world. When I first received my #1 and #2 grippers I could close neither. So I ordered the Trainer gripper and started KTA that same day, with those 2 grippers and a cheap k-mart gripper. But when the Trainer arrived in the mail exactly a week later, I HAD NO USE FOR IT! With following the KTA Program for only the first 6 Days I went from not being able to close the #1 to being able to not only grind the #1 into oblivion, but I am now able to close the #2! It is truly miraculous program, I get goose bumps just thinking of how far I will have progressed by the time I actually finish the program. And that is just the workout program, there is literally tons of information about setting the gripper, finding the dogleg, exercises, and well you'll see. I am now a True student of KTA!

Dac Teoli


Before I started KTA, I barely closed the #3 a few times. After only 4 weeks on KTA, I ground my #3 for a couple seconds in front of my witness, and easily slammed a second rep. Using KTA's principles, I may begin my chase of the #4.

Eric Townsend
Certified Captain of Crush - 2003


I had been stuck on the last 2 mm off the #2 for about 2 months. I was so desperate and decided to buy the KTA Program.  After one and a half weeks in June 2003, I closed  the #2 fully for the first time.  In the next 3 months I mastered the #2.  At the end of December 2003, I started my second cycle on the #3 and after three and a half weeks I closed the #3 fully for the first time!!!

Thank you Bill. Your program works great!!! 

Andrzej Zielonka

What made go from being able to close the #2 to beating the #3 was the KTA Program. I trained through the program once aiming for the #2 as my goal gripper, even though I could close it, just to get more secure with it and to be able to close it anytime. Directly after finishing KTA, I started over but moved up one level with the grippers and 7 weeks into that training period I closed the #3 for the first time. 

Jim Gahnfelt
Certified Captain of Crush - 2004


Just reading the first few chapters of KTA taught me more about grippers than I thought was possible to learn. Once I learned about gripper position, the set, and hand position I was able to close the #2 with ease, after struggling with it for months. More so, the whole philosophy of KTA set me on the path towards total hand strength. You won't understand until you try, and when you do, you'll never go back. KTA is the key to stronger hands and gripper domination.

Eric Godfrey
Certified Captain of Crush - 2004


All I can say is KTA is the reason there is a WTG (WORLDS TOUGHEST GRIPPER) because no gripper is safe with this program! I've been training for 12yrs. and have never closed my COC #3. Now I can do it because of KTA.  I've been closing my #2 since I was 17. You may have seen my name in Mastery of Hand Strength...Robert Artmont. I'm 28 now, and if I had the KTA Program back then, you'd be reading one of my books! Great job Bill.

Robert Artmont


My grip, when I started out on this path, was so bad that I actually had to use iron hooks on each hand. I am a software engineer by trade and have been using computers heavily and extensively since I was eight years old, and as a result I have carpal tunnel syndrome and a nasty case of mouse wrist.

I bought the COC grippers after doing some research, but hadn't really come up with any systematic way of training with them. I made some degree of progress.....but when Rick Walker suggested KTA, I started toying with the idea that someday even I could be a COC.

It was everything it was advertised to be. Hard, grueling, and quite tough, but if you stick with it, it does indeed give rapid results. I was getting the handles closer and closer within an insane amount of time. I don't remember the exactitudes of it, but it was so fast that I could see progress week to week.

I've been certified by IronMind, and I've closed the new 2K4 name stamped #3. I'm trying my game out on the BBE now, and am gunning for the #4.

So if you're wondering if it works and is worth the money, let me put it to you this way. I have low hemoglobin, critically low testosterone and carpal tunnel. Yet I can mash the newest #3s.

Ultimately, you get out of this program what you put into it. But if you're spending the cash on the grippers and working at it with the aim of getting somewhere, the info and program are invaluable.

Alex Graven
Certified Captain of Crush - 2004


I just went through a whole week of the KTA Program.  Before I start back up I just wanted to see how many times I could rep my filed #1.  Now get this!  I got it 32 times. Holy crap is all I have to say!  Before I could only rep the #1 16 times and that was before it was filed.  The thing that I think is weird is how you only do singles yet it still increased my reps. The #1 is a toy in my hands now. Well, thanks for writing such a great program. I really look forward to this program taking me to the #3. I can only imagine the great results I will get after I go through the whole thing.

Matt Cole


I had been trying to close the #2 off and on for several years. Each time I would stop gripper training in frustration. Recently I have noticed the #3 closers to increase dramatically, so I went to the gripboard to find the secret. The secret is in the KTA Program. When I started KTA all I wanted was to close the #2 consistently. Eleven weeks after my first #2 close, I was able to close the #3. KTA exceeds my expectations by far. 

Gary Brown
a.k.a. Mr. Brick
Strong Man Competitor


I have just completed the KTA Program for the first time, and thought it may benefit others by writing about my experience. I have been training with IronMind grippers regularly for about 2 years. During this time, I had made some progress and tried every generic routine I could find on the Internet. Some where decent, some sucked. Well my progress stalled for a few months and I realized that if I wanted to take it to the next level, something had to change. After several weeks of putting it off, I finally broke down one night (after a piss poor grip workout) and ordered the KTA Program. I was skeptical, but had to do something different.

Prior to starting KTA, I could close the #2 on good days, and barley miss it on bad days. Because of this, I made my first goal to master the 2. I studied the program for a few days before actually beginning it, making sure I understood the technical aspects, proper setup, ect. When I began the program I owned a IronMind T,1, 2, 3, and 4. After a several weeks on KTA, I ordered a BB super advanced, super master, and elite. I ordered these to have for my second round of KTA, and actually did not use them during my first round of KTA.

Well, when I reached the recovery (or peaking phase) I was anxious to see where my strength was. I warmed up well, and worked up to the IronMind #2. It was so easy that I actually looked to make sure I had the right gripper. I was as excited as a little kid on Christmas Morning. After closing the 2 for a few singles, I then picked the BB supermaster for my first ever attempt at it, and Closed it. I called my wife in to watch to make sure it was actually closed. It was. The BB felt a little different in my hand than the IM, maybe it was just in my head. I went on to complete 6 more singles with each hand. Not bad considering my original goal was to accomplish this with a lesser gripper. I then got cocky and picked up the #3. It did not close, but was closer than I had ever been, and that gave me some confidence that my next time through KTA is going to put me REAL close.

One of the great things about KTA that seldom gets mentioned is that it adjusts to your strength level and to your goals. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all program. It is adjustable to each individual.

I have read every grip book in print, and have tried every workout in them. Nothing comes close to KTA in terms of results. That is just the simple truth. My only regret is not getting on it sooner, because I almost feel that the last couple years of gripping was a waste.

Robert Hudnell


I just closed the #3 gripper and I would have to say that I could not have done this in such a short period of time without the KTA Program. I feel that this program is the equivalent of a 20 rep squat program in terms of it's intensity, direct and indirect results. While the program is primarily about training your crushing grip to accomplish closing a torsion spring gripper, all aspects of my grip strength increased. I would have to say that I actually looked forward to the pain induced by some of the techniques in the program because it was a sign of progress. The key to this program is to follow it exactly the way it's designed and as such I saw positive results every single workout. I was able to get the #3 to 3/4" closed when I first took it out of the package but I had no idea of just how difficult it would be to get it closed from there. I had used other grip apparatus in the past including plate loaded grippers and while I got generally stronger, I still did not have the technique down pat for getting the gripper shut. After I got the KTA Program,  I followed it to the letter and I finally got the #3 closed, believe it or not, during my last scheduled KTA workout. This program is tough but it WORKS!!! I highly recommend this program for anyone who is interested in closing grippers of any type.

Tom Ricci


The KTA program is truly awesome. The key of this program is that it does not jump into super high volume from day one which gives enough time to adapt to daily high volume workout. One other thing I have noticed is that it builds a strong base and has a carryover to other grip performance (blockweights, thick bar, etc.).  It's simply the best method for building a human crush machine.

Yuichi Yokoyama
Certified Captain of Crush - 2004


I bought my first grippers in February 2004, I'm from Northern Ireland and no one I have spoken to has seen grippers like these! I really didn't know how to train with them but I am a Hardgainer subscriber so it was great to read an article about Captains of Crush in the last edition! About a month after using the grippers with no particular training program I managed to close the No.2, I couldn't quite believe I had done it, I was addicted to grip training.

I wanted to find a way to train the grippers properly so I looked up Cyberpump! on the internet and bought the KTA Program. I couldn't wait to read it and get started. I was a little shocked at the volume but actually when it came to the weeks when the volume was lower I missed the training! Anyway I have now completed the program and feel it has been very successful. Now I can close the No.2 gripper easily after a warmup, last workout I closed it 13 times with each hand. I can also get to 1/4 of an inch away from closing the No.3. The improvement in strength has been great and I hope to close the No.3 in the near future. The KTA Program has helped greatly because it uses a system which obviously has been well researched and is proven to work, it is also good as it allows you to plan your workouts for the coming weeks which lets you concentrate all your effort on closing the grippers.

I can't wait to start it again with my goal being to close the No.3!

Thanks for a great program.

Simon Baird


When I started grip training four months ago I could not even close the Iron Mind #1. I would pick up the IM #1 everyday and squeeze it until I couldn't squeeze it anymore. Then a few weeks later I closed the IM #1 and began my quest. I ordered the IM #2 and John Brookfield's Mastery of Hand Strength and started some erratic training, block tosses, plate pinching, but nothing really organized. I was making some gains but no real progress. I spent about a month like this, training off and on and then I buckled down. I decided to get serious about my training and after reading many testimonials on the subject I had to give it a try. I ordered the KTA Program. By the time I began my KTA training I could only close the IM#2 with my dominant hand on a good day. Just after finishing my fourth week of the KTA Program I can close the IM#2 with both hands and I am less than a half inch away from closing the IM #3. I hope to be certified within a year but with the progress I have made using the KTA philosophies it may be a lot sooner than that. The KTA Program is a simple but very effective grip strength program that I will recommend to anyone who is serious about hand strength. I just wanted to say thank you Bill for creating such a fantastic program.

Respectfully submitted,

Sean M. Prince


Well, I've been playing with the IM#1 and #2 for about 2 years, never closing the #2 with my left hand and only a couple of reps with my right.

Now I dominate the #2 with both hands, I never missed a close when I used it under the KTA Program.  I did the first 2 phases of KTA which ended today.

I was looking for dominance with the #2 before I start the program with the #3 and now I have it!

I'm confident the program will have me closing the #3.

Lyle Barron


To anyone serious about gripping, GET KTA RIGHT NOW! It is by far the best program to help you mash your goal gripper. It is quite similar to Patton's theory of war-brutal, direct, and to the point. I highly suggest it to those stuck on a particular gripper. Be warned though, it isn't for the faint of heart. It requires lots of blood, sweat, and balls to survive. Got Grip? Then get KTA!

Tim Moss
Gripboard Veteran and KTA Survivor


I started KTA to be able to destroy the #2 and I just wanted to say that I am just finishing my second week tomorrow and I closed the #2 for my first time tonight!  I can't believe I did this in only the second week and I can't imagine how strong I will be when I complete the program!  I closed and held it for 2 seconds with my right hand and just managed to get the handles to click with my left.  I just wanted you to know how my progress is going and that your program is truly genius!  

Georg Orr


I had been working with my grippers for a couple months and could no-set close my #1 any time of the day, but I still couldn't close the last few centimeters of my #2. Something was missing. I'd heard all of the praise for the KTA Program, and for the price of a gripper I figured I had very little to lose. I made the purchase and started the program. It asks for hard work, but it gives you solid results. After just two weeks on the program, the #2 was mine. Closed. It felt so good.

I stopped KTA after that to focus on one arm chin-ups (with a much stronger grip), but I know that the KTA is waiting and ready for me when I focus my training on the #3. Thanks again for the program!

Jim Bathurst


I got very excited about grip training about 4 weeks ago. I started training my own way with what I was learning from the "Gripboard". Problem was I didn't want to waste time experimenting. I kept reading about the KTA Program and ordered it. Now, my way I was overtraining and basically screwing things up so I started on KTA a mere 9 days ago.  I am in my second week. I received some new grippers, a BBM and a BBSM. I was excited to try to close one!! So today I warmed up and tried the BBM for a no set close and much to my surprise I closed it!! I am so psyched.  KTA really works.  It is intense, but well worth the effort.  I even used the Ivanko SuperGripper to get to this point. KTA is simply amazing.  I cannot wait to see my results when I finish the first cycle completely. When I started I was doing a 140ip gripper and now this! Stop thinking about it.  Buy this program...Now!!...Right Now!! You will be so glad you did.

Paul Doire 
Gripboard Member


I declare that KTA is the most ideal and the most effective program for grip strengthening. I am sure that by doing KTA, the trainee of every level is able to reach the higher level than now. Actually, I succeeded in closing the #3 after week 3 of KTA. I believe that everyone can experience like this miracle through KTA!!

Masahiro Sawada
Certified Captain of Crush - 2004


I honestly can't tell you how surprised I was when I closed the #2.  I've owned it for a while but have never closed it before Thursday night.  It was sort of a shock.  I expected to maybe get within a mm or 2 as I had just done about 15 singles (negatives) with my right hand, most with only 10 seconds rest between reps.  I picked it up, set it, slammed it, heard the click, and had to check that I had the#2 and not the #1!  Did the same thing again.  Next, I got my girlfriend to watch.  I slammed it, held shut for at least 5 seconds, and she said "yeah it's closed-you can let it go now."

One of the benefits of KTA I haven't seen mentioned is how much stronger you get at setting the grippers.  This was a real weakness for me,  but after setting my#3 and HG300 around 30-40 times a week for negatives, setting the #2 was PISS EASY. Thanks Bill,  this program has COMPLETELY changed the way I train my grip and has helped UP the intensity of my regular workouts as well.  Thanks again. 

Jamie Truelson


Thank you Bill for the inspirational words and tips. I love KTA.  It's the most intense grip work I've ever done.  I got it...I shut the #2 for a few seconds was great. I'm only on the second week of KTA and will own the #2 definitely at the end of KTA. I was near shutting the #2 when I first started KTA but KTA took me where I needed to go and taught me that heavy grip work is what gets you progress at least for me.  After KTA I will rest and then it's on to the #3.

Update:  KTA has paved the way for me. I thought it would take me 1 to 2 years to close the #3. In 5 months from the moment I first touched a gripper, the #3 was shut! Out of the blue I had been getting close and then one night I thought I was gonna get stuck at the last 1/8 inches and then I blasted through the gap and held it shut for 2 I got to look at that beast closed!

Jack Thomas Jenkins


Thanks for writing such a crazy, kick-ass program!

Adam Wannemacher


KTA is truly awesome! 

I've always been fascinated with strength, and especially grip strength. In high school (about 12 years ago) I bought the Ivanko Supergripper. I would usually just train with it after my weight workouts. I was stuck in the traditional bobybuilding mindset--the good old "sets and reps" approach. Usually 1-3 sets of 5-15 reps, 1-3 times per week (or less). I would always hit a plateau in strength and just stop gripping for months at a time out of frustration, only to start back up and reach the same level again, followed by the same plateau...

I started researching "strength" training (as opposed to bodybuilding) and read Mastery of Hand Strength by John Brookfield. Around mid 2003 I started working hard with the ISG again, now doing sets of 3-5 reps and making a little progress but nothing spectacular, despite a high level of motivation and planning for my grip workouts.

In February, 2004, I finally broke down and ordered the COC grippers (T-#3) and the KTA Program. In fact, I may be unique in that I actually had carefully studied KTA before I ever even squeezed a heavy duty TSG. I practiced the technique (as explained clearly in KTA) on my Trainer which was easy, but fell 1 mm short of closing the #1 on a couple attempts. Then I did 1 negative on the #2 (my first ever) and an overcrush on the Trainer. Two days later I shut the #1. I slowly began incorporating KTA principles into my workouts to get used to the COC's and started full-bore KTA (slightly reduced weekly volume for my first cycle) after about a month. Exactly 3 months after my first #1 close I mashed the #2. Within a week I was closing it for multiple singles and 5-10 sec. holds every workout, and closing it with either hand! Then, four months after my first #2 close (but just one full KTA cycle "to the letter") I shut the BBSM (about 2.5).

Now it's been one year since I started KTA (including some periods of layoff or maintenance training) and I'm beginning to really dominate the BBSM. The #2 is feeling like a toy, as I recently found that I could close it easily under the new Ironmind rules using a credit-card set, despite never training for no-set closes. I'm 1/4" from closing the #3 now and I know it will be mine in the near future. KTA will teach you how to get strong hands and you can adapt it to make huge gains on other forms of hand strength as well. 

From all my other training experience, I discovered that only rare freaks like John Brookfield can do well with the unstructured "instinctive" approach that never got me anywhere. Luckily, for the rest of us, there's KTA. I wasted 10 years "spinning my wheels", then nearly doubled my grip strength in one year with KTA

You'll never regret an investment like that, you'll only regret that you didn't get it sooner. 

Thanks again Bill for your awesome program!

Ray Yingling 
Boise, ID


No doubt about it KTA works!

After doing the first 3 weeks I managed to close my first goal gripper the #2 CoC.  I had only been able to get within 1/8th of an inch before.  When the time came to try the #2, I closed it so easily I thought I'd picked up an easier gripper! The program is well laid out, you may think it's a lot of work- it is but it gets results! I am now looking to close my next hardest gripper, an RB210. I have no doubt it will fall.
Congratulations to Bill Piche he has come up with a great program!

Dave Fryers (Old Dax)
KTA has paved the way for me. I thought it would take me a 1year to 2 years but KTA helped me shut the #3 very quickly in 5 months. Out of the blue I had been getting close and then one night I thought I was gonna get stuck at the last 1/8 inches and then I blasted through the gap and held it shut for 2 I got to look at it closed.

Jack T. Jenkins


Just wanted to write and say, “Thanks a million for KTA!”.

I became interested in grip training last fall (2004) and obtained the complete set of IronMind grippers. When I started, I could close the trainer for a few reps and could barely close the #1. Within a couple months of faithful training, I was able to do 15 or so repetitions on the #2. Things pretty much stagnated at that point. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't getting any closer to closing the #3.

... and then I found the KTA. 10 weeks later and I could close my #3 from a parallel set for 2 – sometimes 3 repetitions! I also have a custom BeefBuilder Elite (harder than a #3) with a 2.5” spread that I'm able to close on every other attempt or so.

Bottom line: KTA works. To anyone interested in improving their grip in short order, I'd wholeheartedly recommend KTA. It's not for the faint of heart – those who find themselves looking for an excuse to skip a workout – or someone who can't focus and stick to something for any length of time. It requires commitment, dedication, and intestinal fortitude. You'll get blisters, and callouses, and blisters on your blisters, and your hands will sometimes throb with pain. In the end, your hands will be tougher and MUCH, MUCH STRONGER than you imagined possible.

I'm anxiously awaiting the fall when I'll repeat the cycle again and see where it leads me this time...

Again – a million thanks for creating the KTA Bill.


Scott Dudley

Just wanted to let you know that your system has to be the best in the world. I have followed KTA by the letter for 3 weeks and when I started I could just manage to close the #2 for one good rep, about an hour ago I mashed the #2 for 7 reps! each rep had a decent "click" to it.

Also my hands have not been getting as sore as I thought they would training so hard, I believe the Hot/Cold water treatment is helping me there.

Thanks again Bill, my plan is to certify by the end of the year and this has really boosted my confidence that I'll do it. 

Ray Hansford


Before starting KTA, my training was lacking direction. Now that I have used KTA for the first time, I can say that it is a great program and will help anyone achieve their goals. It helped me and I can now close the #2 and will use it again to conquer the #3!

Helder Castro


The KTA program is awesome!  On week one, I could shut a #2 but not consistently, and by the end, shut a Beef Builder Grand Master.  My forearms gained size considerably, which was an interesting side benefit.

Chris Lancaster


My journey from the #2 to the #3 would have taken a long time without KTA.  Bill has developed THE best grip training system there is.  My advice to anyone wanting to break through to the next level of grip strength is to order KTA and watch those grippers start to shake with fear!!!

Ray Hansford


KTA is, hands down, the best program for closing big grippers available today. I firmly believe that there are no magic bullets in the fitness industry, but Bill’s KTA program had me setting new records within weeks. I will not lie and say that it is easy. KTA is a program that demands a lot of hard work and dedication. If you have the heart to put in the work – you WILL achieve your goals with KTA! Step up to the challenge, and let KTA’s time-proven method set you on the path to achieving your fullest potential.

I couldn’t have done it without you Bill.

Danny Nowell


About 3 years ago, I bought the COC Trainer, #1, and #2. I constantly struggled with the #2, often becoming frustrated and giving up grip training all together, for months at a time. Then a stumbled across KTA, and realized what I really needed was a structured program. On the first day of the program, I just barely closed the #2; but I could not do it with any consistency, and definitely not with any authority. There is not doubt that this program is tough, but the gains I have seen are unbelievable. Since finishing KTA, I am not just closing the #2 every time I pick it up. With my strong hand, I'm CRUSHING it. Even more amazing is that I am closing the #2, to within an 1/8" with my "weak" hand; and I can hold it closed after assisting it the rest of the way. The #2 was just the first of my grip goals. Amongst my other goals is becoming certified on the #3; and with the KTA program and lots of hard work, I now believe that I can attain this goal. KTA is worth every penny. Bill, thanks for a great program.

Jim McCooey


About 3 years ago, I bought the COC Trainer, #1, and #2. I constantly struggled with the #2, often becoming frustrated and giving up grip training all together, for months at a time. Then a stumbled across KTA, and realized what I really needed was a structured program. On the first day of the program, I just barely closed the #2; but I could not do it with any consistency, and definitely not with any authority. There is not doubt that this program is tough, but the gains I have seen are unbelievable. Since finishing KTA, I am not just closing the #2 every time I pick it up. With my strong hand, I'm CRUSHING it. Even more amazing is that I am closing the #2, to within an 1/8" with my "weak" hand; and I can hold it closed after assisting it the rest of the way. The #2 was just the first of my grip goals. Amongst my other goals is becoming certified on the #3; and with the KTA program and lots of hard work, I now believe that I can attain this goal. KTA is worth every penny. Bill, thanks for a great program.

Jim McCooey

KTA answered ALL of the questions I had, just the part on setting the grippers and the dogleg are worth 3 times the price. I just got a half inch away from closing my brand new #2 because I just learned how to set it, what a dogleg is, and what the definition of intensity is..........LOL. Seriously I should have bought this BEFORE I bought my first gripper. Thanks to Bill for putting it together and for the outstanding customer service.

Royce Mills

Well I bought KTA a few days ago and finally had time to sit down and check it out last night. MAN. I've been at this grip thing for a little under a year now. Since Dec 05 the #3 has been anywhere from ll-l l consistently, which is coincidently why any real gripper training has not occurred since Feb.. Well to make a long story short I read KTA last night and finally learned how to set a gripper Which I know is pathetic for how long I've been trying to close them,   I then MMS set my RB210 which is a shade easier than my #3 and my jaw dropped. Someone should have brutally whipped me for not buying KTA when I bought my first grippers. Definitely a believer now and that #3 WILL BE SHUT SOON. Thanks to Bill for putting it together.

Michael Walters


I would like to tell my opinion about that KTA program. I have trained gripper about one year, and I was stuck about 3 months. I was1 millimeter away closing a #3.

I had heard great feedback, from the Gripboard, about KTA. It was easy to order it and it is very simple to use it, from my computer.

After the one week when starting KTA, I closed my #3! I couldn't believe it because it happened to me! Only one week hard training, and my strength was better than the starting point.  And what was important, the FEELING in my hands was very different. I felt that I can do anything and this was only the first week.

My best feats where when I got in the middle of KTA: I could hold a #4 negative with extended handle 2 seconds!   And the last time I trained, I could do 5 separate singles in 15 minutes with my #3!
I´m sure that I would be still in stuck, if I had not started the KTA. This is the best program that have tried in my life!  Soon I will start it again...

Matti Heiskanen


When I bought KTA I got more then I expected, it was like receiving a Masters Degree on grippers! It has educated me and brought me to a new level in strength and knowledge! The Information is clear and to the point, no fluff around the edges, just sharp, no-bull-crap, to-the-point, in-your-face information, the kind that is lacking in today's Fitness and Strength world! and the kind that is SO vital to strength and progress! If you want grip strength with grippers...think KTA!



Just thought I'd write a quick message to say thank you for the KTA program.

I have used it to successfully close my COC #2 and will be using it in future to work my way up towards the #2.5 & #3.

It is a great program and easily digestible.

I truly believe that all those who make it to the end of the program will greatly increase their strength in closing grippers (as I did!).

Thanks - it's a great feeling to be mashing that #2!!!

Luke Allard


I've been gripping off and on since mid 2006. A couple of months ago, I finally got fed up with not being able to close the #3. I could only get it to 1 cm fully rested. After reading the reviews, I decided to give KTA a try. I'm glad I did.

Just wanted to share my enthusiasm, as I just closed the #3 for the first time ever during the warm-up of my second workout today! I'm currently on Phase 2; week 4; day 1. What a good way to start off the week. I closed it twice with my left hand and got it down to 1/16" with the right. Definite sense of accomplishment / victory! Just have to work on consistency and the dreaded credit card set. I've stuck w/ the program to the letter.

Thanks, Bill, KTA ROCKS!

Arron Brewer


I'm currently on week six of KTA and doing GREAT! Not only have my strength gains gone through the roof but the overall size of my hands themselves has skyrocketed! I've gained about 3/8" on the width of my palms alone not to mention the fact that my thumbs are FINALLY beginning to look like "turkey legs"! I've been doing severe negatives, overcrushes, and strap holds for a while now with great progress but I think it's the ORDER in which I do those that have made such a huge difference. All thanks to you and your program. After I finish with KTA I'll be taking a week or two off before I begin my quest through the Maximized Bending program.

Seth Collins


KTA Works!

I had been fighting with the last half inch on my #3 for a while and decided to give
KTA a second try. Yep I said second. The first time around I can honestly say I wasn’t ready for the workload that the program put on me as a novice gripper but with a little more experience behind me this program has delivered! Bill states in the program to be ready to certify in 10 weeks and that’s exactly what I did! I was actually closing the #3 about 2 weeks early, inconsistently but I could close it. On the Sunday of what was supposed to be my 10 week certification video shoot I was getting the 3 whites from Bill and crew as to my Mash Monster 0 certification.

This program has without a doubt given me a strong foundation of strength and knowledge to continue my path on the
Mash Monster ladder. One thing I’d like to mention is that there is quite a bit written about the toll this program takes on the hands. I can 100% state that if you take care of your hands they’ll be as pink and soft as the day you started although one helluva a lot stronger. I took pictures of my hands of the day that I took my certification video as proof.

Thank you Bill for the program and I look forward to seeing what you’re cooking up next!

One satisfied customer,
Jason Steeves


Bill, I wanted to let you know how my results turned out with The KTA Program, AWESOME!!! I bought my first grippers about 13 years ago. I closed my #2 with both hands the day I got them back then. At first I had no idea what I was doing and just couldn't put them down, not a good idea, but I did make some gains and then nothing. I would get to a point where I wasn't making any gains or worst of all getting weaker. I never could figure it out. Everything I tried failed. This led me to just throwing them in the closet and forgetting about them for a few years. Every now and then I would pull them out and have a go at it again with the same results, some short gains then nothing. And then back in the closet they would go. At one point up to a little over a year ago I hadn't touched them in about 7 years, other than just letting my friends give them a try. So about a year ago I tried my hand at bending short steel and made some pretty good gains in the short time I was doing it and started back on the grippers about the last month of my bending career. Again made some pretty good gains and then, you guessed it, NOTHING. I stopped on the bending because I had a ton of stuff going on, helping my dad and brother run a business, 3 kids in diapers and one just out of them and a wife that was feeling a little neglected. So I laid it aside for awhile. Then searching the web one day looking at all the bending and gripper stuff I stumbled upon the Gripboard and joined that day. I started seeing a lot of stuff about programs and specifically The KTA Program with this huge list of success stories. So I said what the heck it can't hurt to try and ordered the ebook.  After reading through the program I thought hey I think this might work. I had heard of some of the principles but had never tried any of it. So I couldn't wait to get started. After the first two or three weeks in the program I had already started seeing huge results. Grippers were getting easier hands and forearms were feeling really strong and I knew, this is going to work. Well Bill, I have fully completed the program and these are my results. Right before starting KTA I closed my #2 for about 5 reps. After completing KTA and giving myself 1 weeks rest I closed my #3 with a little wider than parallel set 3 out of 5 attempts with my right hand and 1 out of 5 with my left !!! The missed attempts were all within an 1//8 of an inch. Oh and I added 3/4 of an inch to my forearms and 1/2 of an inch to my wrists!!! I have already started back on my second round of The KTA Program and even more excited than I was the first time because now I know what The KTA Program can do. First day back and I'm grinding the handles on my COC#2.5 gripper and doing negatives with my standard handle BB PRO!!! Thanks again Bill I can never repay you for what I've got out of this program and how much it’s changed my outlook on training.


Martin Gaisser


This video is a compilation of five right hand attempts at closing a COC #3 gripper between 2-5-10 and 5-6-10.

1st: 2-5-10

2nd: 3-13-10

3rd: 4-11-10

4th: 5-1-10

5th: 5-6-10

As the video shows, the first attempt was not even close, but each subsequent attempt brought the handles closer and closer together before the #3 gripper was closed completely on 5-1-10, and again twice on 5-6-10.

The reason I was able to close the COC #3 gripper, after approximately 12 weeks, was because I finally decided to invest my time and effort into this feat I had been wanting to accomplish for a while.  I opted to dedicate myself to completing a gripper specific program that had proven itself time and again for developing gripper closing power in anyone who dared to try it: KTA.

And because I supplemented KTA with RRBT, which I did immediately prior to KTA, I was able to close the COC #3 before I even reached the peaking phase of KTA.

Here is a video compilation of the attempts above showing my progress with RRBT and then KTA.

Greg Martin


I just finished my last KTA workout last night. My goal gripper for my left was the CoC #2 and my RB210 for my right. The #2 is now a daily close with my left no matter if I'm tired, sore or whatever. I wasn't close to closing my #2 with my left when I started and the RB210 was an absolute brick to me. The RB210 was a daily close 1 week into phase 2 so I switched my goal gripper to the CoC #3. I now use the RB210 on my second warm up rep to get the kinks out and am getting really close to closing the #3. I'm sure if I had started with the #3 as my goal gripper I would've shut it. It was just so far away I didn't think there was anyway I'd get there. I wish I had listened to all the past KTA users who said it was a sure fire way to closing it. I'm gonna go big on my next round!

Thanks Bill, this program rocks.

Chris Dezendorf


Finally I closed for first time the #3.5 yesterday July 15, 2010. It was on week 4 of phase 1, I was feeling very very refreshed after the first 3 weeks. Actually it was a very hard 3 week phase 1, since I got to the point I couldn't pick up something with my hands without feel some pain from my hand calluses. But finally week 4 came (back down week), and actually since the second to third day I was starting to feel really refreshed, so at the beginning of the July 15 workout I decided to try the sucker(#3.5) and put my wife to look at it and she was more happy than I was to find out that the handles touched for about 2 to 3 seconds. I tried a second time and she told me that at first she thought that the handles touched but not as long as the first time, so I don't count it as a second close.

I knew that when I began to get more rest after the great
KTA workloads of the first three weeks I was going to be very close to getting it shut, but to my surprise I got it shut sooner that I expected!

Now my next goal is to get it closed using a wider set than MMS, since that was the set I used to close the #3.5. Patience is the real key to this program. And, follow the program to the letter. Keep the program, beat up your hands, and when you start to recover you will end up with much more strength that you will imagine! I still have work to do since I only have completed the first phase, so I will keep you informed.

Thanks Bill for the program!!

Carlos F. Rivera Pagan
Captain of Crush


The KTA Progam has done wonders for my gripping. Before I started following the KTA Program I had no clue what kind of work-load that is needed to really succeed as a gripster. KTA has helped me to really build up a good training discipline. I am currently on my second round of KTA. The first time through the KTA Program took me from closing the CoC#2.5 to closing the CoC#3.5 and to certify on the #3 (CCS). These achievements wouldn't have been possible without KTA.

Robert Unt
Captain of Crush - 2010


This program worked great. This was my first concentrated effort with grippers.  I finished it a few weeks ago and I am getting consistent closes with my right hand with my #2.5 with both CC sets and parallel sets and have closed the #3 twice from parallel sets. My left is a bit behind getting #2.5 closes about 50% of the time. I am going to concentrate on pinching for the next month or so but still work with the above grippers. Planning on starting another round of KTA in March to certify with the #3. If anyone is looking for a good program, try KTA. .

Steve Krebs


After I discovered the grip sport, I learned about the KTA program. This is a program developed to lead you to closing your goal gripper. The course is tough, very tough. During the ten week program, my hands felt destroyed many times, and yet, every following training day they performed better than before.  The KTA program took me from just closing the #2, to quite easily closing the #2,5 and gave me a good start on the #3. Now I'm several weeks past finishing KTA for the first time. I managed to close the #3 several times already, albeit with a little support. I will keep using the principles learned in KTA to continue improvement on my grip strength. All I can conclude from this program is that it's worth every penny and certainly for someone new to the grips port like me, KTA gave me a rocket start on the magical #3!

RT. van Genugten

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to let you know about the superb results I had with the KTA program. It took me only 3 weeks to close the COC #3, which was meant to be my goal gripper for the entire program! Anyway, had to move up to an HG350 and could close that also after 5 weeks. I will be starting the routine again next month and am looking at the COC #3.5. Anyone reading this who wants to exponentially increase their grip strength should get on KTA ASAP.



After using KTA to close my #3 and ultimately obtain MM0 certification, I decided to use KTA to close my MM1 replica, which had been rated by Canon at a fraction more than 159. I was approx fifteen millimeters from closing my MM1 replica when I decided to embark on that quest. 

My first day of KTA was August 3, 2011, and on August 24, I came within approx five millimeters of closing my MM1 replica. By September 3, my hands were noticeably stronger than they've ever been.....And just like that, I closed my MM1 replica on September 17, 2011:


Simple right? No, it wasn't simple, and frankly, nothing worth doing is simple. Although my raw bench, for example, is again approaching the 350 mark, I'm not blessed with big hands and other genetic traits that would assist me with grip strength. It's a lot of hard work, but meeting my goals is very, very rewarding. Therefore, anyone who really wants to tackle a goal gripper, whether a genetically gifted person or a person like me, there is absolutely no doubt KTA should be utilized. There's no excuse not to. Otherwise, the continuous cycles of "what should I...when should should I..." questions will remain in circulation and goals may not be met. I wanted to close the #3, and I wanted to close my MM1 replica.

I gained approx. 12-13 lbs of RGC gripper strength during this KTA cycle, which I think is very significant, particularly because the strength gains were above the 150 lbs mark. On September 20, I was a millimeter from closing my MM2 replica:

And by the way, I lost ten pounds of body weight during this KTA cycle, specifically I dropped from 216 down to 206 pounds. My forearms are larger, with muscles present that were not visible before, and my thumb pads are larger. 

Since I've completed KTA more than once, I can make the following recommendations that will assist:

  • Complete the program exactly as it's written.
  • Keep a log in the KTA forum and try to post daily updates, even if it's just to state that you completed the day's workout. It keeps you accountable and helps other help you.
  • Get a good camera and practice frequently (I'm doing this more next time and with a better camera).
  • You will be tired at times and may even shed a tear, but feel free to be surprised when you close your goal gripper.
  • Don't quit!

Greg Martin


 I have both the KTA and the RRBT.  I used  both programs one after the other to help me to close my first #3 at the KC Qualifier and now cert on the MM0. 

Thanks for all you do for grip,

Austin Acree

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