1st West/Central PA

Battle for grip supremacy!!


Sponsored by:      Heaven Bent Ministries



                   Fat Bastard Dumbbell Company


                   P.O. BOX 132

                   PESOTUM, IL 61863


                   Robert Baraban’s Hand Crafted Grippers



                   The GripBoard

                   World’s #1 Place for Hand Strength



                   Elite Fitness Systems

                   1695 Itawamba Trail
London, Ohio 43140
                   Phone 888.854.8806



                   Ted’s Shed



                   Sorinex Exercise Equipment

                   P.O. Box 121

                   Irmo, SC 29063








come get some!


Prizes:             Equipment and trophies to the top 3.


                    Places 4-6 will receive custom T-shirts


                    All competitors will receive an event



                   Prizes to include:

                    Sorinex G-Rex

                    50-pound York Blob

                    Full set of Ironmind COC grippers

                    3 Custom hand made RB grippers

                    Thick handled DBs

                    Plus MUCH, MUCH more!!!!!!


Cash:               $150 to any lifter to fully clean and

                    Press overhead, with 1-hand/arm, the  

                    Thomas Inch Dumbbell replica.  Must be

                    A full clean-no sliding up the body.                   



                    $100 to any lifter who can bend the Red

                    Nail into a complete “U” shape with

                    Absolutely no bracing of the hands or  

                    Arms.  A “U” constitutes the inside  

                    Ends of the Nail being a minimum of

                    2” apart.


                    $100 and my #4 gripper to the first

                    lifter to close it under strict rules.

                    If multiple lifters are attempting it

                    They will be chosen randomly to see who

                    Gets the first shot.


                    $50 to any lifter who successfully

                    deadlifts, to complete upright

                    position, the 50-lb York Blob.


                    $25 to any lifter who successfully

                    closes my Beef Builder Super Elite

                    hand gripper under strict rules.



Divisions:          No age or weight divisions.





Grippers used will be:  #1 Captain of Crush

                       #1 Captains of Crush with filed 


                       Beef Builder Master                        

                        #2 Captain of Crush

                        #2 Captain of Crush with filed


                        PDA rated at 387

                        #3 Captain of Crush

                        Beef Builder Elite

                        Beef Builder Super Elite

                        #4 Captain of Crush



Lifter is free to choose which hand to use.  Highest gripper closed wins.  In the event of a tie (more than one person closes the same gripper) there will be timed holds with that gripper to determine ranking.




2-hand pinch of 2-45 pound plates, smooth side out, with steel pipe running through them.


Starting weight will be no lower than 95-pounds (weight of 2-45 plates and bar).


Weight will be added in increments as requested by the lifter.


Weight must clear the ground/surface by at least 6 inches.


Highest weight lifted wins the event.




Bar running through plates

Weight: 5 pounds.

Length: 2.5 feet.

Diameter: 1.5 inches.


Starting Plates

2-45 Olympic plates

Width of plates side by side: 2.5 inches.



3. Inch loadable handle

1-hand lift of Inch handle


Lifter is free to choose which hand he wants to use.


No starting weight-lifter must request weight before his attempt.


Weight must leave the ground/surface by at least 6 inches.


The lifter successfully lifting the most weight the required 2 inches off the ground/surface is the winner.



Weight of bar: 10-pounds

Total length of bar: 22.5 inches

Length of handle: 6 inches

Diameter of handle: 2.5 inches


The largest plate used will be 25s.  This will assure the same height for everyone.  DON’T WORRY!!  I HAVE PLENTY!


Handle made by Ted’s Shed


4. Bending

Nails to be used:            Ironmind White

                             Ironmind Green

                             Ironmind Yellow

                             Ironmind Blue

                             Ironmind Red


Blue nails will be cut from original length of 6 inches down to 4 inches in .25 inch steps.


A bend of the Ironmind Red Nail of ANY degree will be considered better than a complete bend of ANY length Blue Nail.


If two lifters bend the same color/length nail-the tie will be broken by furthest bend to be measured by judges.  


Hardest nail bent wins.


5.  Deadlift and Hold

The final event consists of the deadlift and hold with the PDA Farmers and handles.


Weight will be 305-pounds per farmer per arm.


Lifter must lift farmers off platforms and then hold them as long as possible.




Judges will start clock when lifter has broken the weight off the platforms.


Lifter with longest hold wins.


PDA Farmers and Handles Specs:


Handle diameter: 1 3/8”

Handle Finish: Knurled bare steel

Handle Length: 6 inches


Length of farmer: 33 inches

Weight of bare farmer and handle: 28-pounds

Sleeve diameter: 2 inches

Finish: Bare steel

Height from floor to top of handle-fully loaded and on platform: 21.5 inches


Plates used: 6-45-pound Olympic plates and 2-2.5 pound Olympic plates on EACH farmer


2-spring collars on each farmer.





Lifters will be scored on a 6 point system.




1st-6 points

2nd-5 points

3rd-4 points

4th-3 points

5th-2 points

6th-1 point


Beyond 6-no points awarded.


Overall Winner will be lifter with highest point total!


Contact Info:

Rick Walker

53 Bowers Lane

Punxsutawney, PA 15767