The Annual Hammer Strength Clinic

The Annual Hammer Strength Clinic in Cincinnati will be held on Friday evening, May 2nd and all day Saturday, May 3rd. Friday night's activities will take place at the Clarion Hotel with one speaker only. An Evening With Dr. Ken will feature, by popular demand, the slide presentation and lecture that traces the historical background of weight training as it has impacted the strength and conditioning profession. This 65 minute talk will be followed by a discussion and question/answer period that will cover, training, the materials brought up in the slide presentation, and the input of many of the speakers that will be presenting on Saturday. Saturday's presentations will take place in the weightroom, on the field, and in the lecture hall of Archbishop Moeller High School. An announcement of the speakers will be noted within the week and will include Chip Morton of the Cincinnati Bengals and a collegiate strength coaches from a number of the most respected schools in the country. Details to follow and call Michelle or Bill at Hammer Strength for further information. (1-887-543-1123)

Update: 3/26/03

From Dr. Ken:

Flyers will be going out in a day or two on the Hammer Clinic noting all speakers. An Evening With Dr. Ken (Tom Proffitt is calling this Friday Night Live instead of Saturday Night Live) will be an informal few hours with the slide presentation, kegs of beer, specific training conversation and an extended Q&A session because it will go from 8pm until Midnight!! So food, beer, slides, training talk, total informal access to me (Kathy will be with me and it looks like Kevin will be there too for conversation and Q&A) and the other strength coaches who are presenting.