The High Performance Training newsletter is a new and exciting publication that will provide todays athlete and iron enthusiast an opportunity to further their knowledge with the hopes of improving their performance and achieving their goals. It will feature some of the top strength and conditioning coaches and educators from around the country, ranging from high school and collegiate levels as well as those in private practice who will be sharing their expertise on topics such as resistance training, speed and agility, nutrition, supplements, coaching strategies and other aspects of strength and health. The newsletter will also feature interviews, Q&As, training techniques and the list just goes on from there.

The High Performance Training newsletter is scheduled to be published four times annually (once every three months) at a cost of $12.00 per year and will be provided to you in an electronic format. The first issue is scheduled for early July.

Inquiries regarding the newsletter as well as Q&As for our coaches can be directed to us via email at or by visiting the website at

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