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Cyberpump! opened it's doors on the web in November of 1995. Since then, we've been bringing you the real deal with respect to training information every day.  Cyberpump! covers all aspects of training. From being THE resource for HIT, to bodybuilding, strength training for sports, strongman, Iron History, and for just meeting your individual training goals.  In October 2002, Cyberpump! had grown too big for it's britches and to be able to run the site, the costs went sky high.  Our host providers had been letting us suck up all the resources and then let us know abruptly that we would have to move to a dedicated server.  With the prospect of closing the doors down or quit growing, the only option was to turn to our loyal readers for the last 7 years.  Unfortunately, the response was minimal with approximately 0.7% of the readers donating in the first week of the fund drive.  Therefore, we are now asking for a $12.00 yearly donation to access the full library of Cyberpump! Resources and network web sites.  Here's what your donations support:

We hate to do a sales pitch because our loyal readers know what Cyberpump! Network is all about.  It's for the new trainees who might visit the site for the first time and ask "why would I want to become a donator?"  You can browse our reader feedback by clicking here.  You can also browse some of the awards we've won during the early years by clicking here.

Here's a few articles to preview:

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Now for a limited time only if you sign up as a Donator for just one year you will be entitled to a FREE copy of the PC version of the eBook "How To Transform Your Physique"

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If you are unable to assign a username/password you will get an email shortly with login details.  There may be a slight delay in receiving the login due to the difference in time zones.  We do have to sleep! :)

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Note: The GripBoard and IronHistory forums require registration by the user.  The accounts are then put into queue for approval. So, please be patient during the approval process.  It is a separate registration and not automatic.  So, you must take action to register for access.

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